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I have been practising yoga for over 20 years with several yoga teachers. Lalita is an inspiring teacher, her enthusiasm and dedication to the discipline is plain to see. The class includes a good mix of asanas, meditation and relaxation. She infuses a sense of happiness which spreads to the participants and reflects her yoga name - one who laughs and plays.


Lalita is an excellent yoga teacher. I came to her class as a complete beginner, knowing virtually nothing about yoga. Her gentle, nurturing manner made me feel welcome to the class, and her clear and precise instructions encouraged me to persevere, even though I found many of the physical exercises difficult. It has certainly been worth it: one year later I can feel the benefits in both mind and body. I always look forward to Lalita's classes. Each week she introduces a different aspect of the practice, and her inclusive nature allows for students of different levels of ability. Lalita is very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga, and the traditions and philosophies that lie behind it. She is also generous with her time. I recommend her to anyone wishing to learn yoga.


Lalita conducts a well organised and diverse weekly routine, has a special term focus, is very personable and interested in all participants and has a very respectful, genuine and gentle manner. A wonderful yoga teacher.


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